Cathy Key 

Follow your inner moonlight, don't hide the madness.


~ Allen Ginsberg

I gave up being an artist when I was 20. I had some talent, but I didn't have anything to say - and it showed in my work. So I pursued  Plan B  and ended up with a PhD in Anthropology. 

Driven by a deep fascination with what it means to be human and a desire to help people become the best version of themselves, I delved into various realms of transformational work. Over the years I have explored yoga, shamanic dancing, community engagement and rigorous self enquiry. 

I picked up a paintbrush again in 2008 and began a process of experimentation. I engaged in many mediums, attended workshops, practiced with color and texture theory until I honed a mixed media technique based on collage and acrylics. 
My art is focused on the human form, our expression and our place in the natural world. 


I like to work on large canvases, creating multi-layered portraits that explore the vulnerability and wonder of being a conscious participant in our natural world. 


Certain Death


Art gained a new importance and resonance in my life when my dear, sweet Madhu was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer in 2020. 

As the world retreated into lockdown and our lives tumbled into chaos, I took refuge in artistic expression. My life, my heart, my future was being torn apart and yet Madhu met the news of his death with eyes and heart wide open. His acceptance of the end, the love that emerged left me awed. 

Standing in that space of grace Madhu thrived, his body healed and the cancer fell into retreat. 

And through it all I painted. Our painful, magical, gut-wrenching  journey was spewed onto the canvas. I discovered worlds within myself, emotional depths that I still find hard to talk about.

Shows and Exhibitions


As a rising artist,  I feel incredibly fortunate to have garnered a following of collectors and supporters across Canada, the UK and the United States. Your support of my work means the world to me and I am deeply grateful for it. 

My work has been chosen twice for the esteemed Sidney Art Show. 

I hosted my first solo show, “Seeds of the Soul”in 2022, which featured 20 works painted through Madhu’s illness and recovery. 

In 2023 I exhibited at the prestigious Sooke Art Show and was honored to receive the People’s Choice award for my work, “Divine Duality”

In April 2024 I exhibited at BC's largest Art Fair, Art Vancouver.


If you are interested in keeping up with my latest creations and exhibitions I invite you to sign up for my mailing list. 


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