Art Vancouver creates a space in which artists, galleries and art-lovers can connect, create and uplift each other. The show featured an incredible array of art from a diversity of artists. Over 10,000 people visited over the course of four days and our booth was constantly buzzing. 


For me the show began months before,  in my studio, creating a new collection of paintings. Each new portrait was an exploration and journey of its own. Themes I've been exploring are personal expansion, dissolving old patterns and living true. 

If you missed the show, or just want to spend more time with the images, you can view the whole collection 'Soulscapes' below or download the show catalogue.



My heart is full of love and gratitude for all the people in my life who made this possible. Thank you to all the friends who showed up to help set up, take down, cheer us on and take photos. Thank you to everyone who stopped to be with the paintings, for your great questions and the gift of your time and attention. 

Thank you to Madhu for being my partner and sharing in the hard work of getting ready and for giving me the space to spend long, quiet days in my studio. Thanks to my Vancouver Island community for being the wind under my wings.  

Thank you to the people who love my work so much you now have it in your homes. You literally give me the energy to continue exploring this wild and beautiful journey.

And now the adventure continues ....



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